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Our services include, but are not limited to:
Asbuilt/Mortgage Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Site Development Plans
Small and Large Subdivisions
Lot Line Erasures
Condominium Plats
Lotstake/Boundary Surveys
Record of Surveys
Communications and Utility Surveys
Legal Description/Easement Creation
Land Planning Services
Biff's Home Inspection - Home Inspector

Surveying, Planning and Land Development

About Us
5099 E. Blue Lupine Dr #104
Wasilla, AK 99654

About Us

Clients We Serve

About Us

As a small, family company, we strive to provide our clients and colleagues with professionalism and respect.  We make our caliber of work our priority, and pursue continuing education and workshops in our field. 


We specialize in telecommunication surveys and many other types of commercial construction projects.  

Our staff utilizes the latest computer software to provide you with a detailed, accurate, comprehensive and attractive final product.  

The techniques and technology we would apply is determined by the project.  Acutek uses the state of the art survey equipment that has been proven to be efficient, precise, and cost effective.  If GPS provides the greatest savings in time and cost, we'll use it.  However, in some cases, it can still be more cost effective to use a tape measure with a total station or engineers level. Whatever is the most feasible and advantageous method is always applies to provide an ideal balance between cost and quality. For this reason, Acutek has a long standing local reputation for maintaining maximum client confidence and reliability.

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